Tuesday, January 24, 2012

My Mom is Blogging!

That's right, my mom took the plunge and started blogging!  Hop on over and check out her blog at http://stitchinginmygarden.blogspot.com/.  I love her Anniversaries of the Heart and how she personalized the last block!  I really need to get started on mine! 

Tiger Floss 1For those of you with cats, does this ever happen to you?  You're stitching along and all of a sudden your thread catches your cat's eye and boom... you have a tangle???  Sorry for the blurry picture but this little kitty just loves to steal my floss and play with it but I am forever trying to pry it out of her grubby little claws without tangles.  :)  She cracks me up! 

Check back soon for an update on my Paradise Lost progress! 


  1. That's why I always use floss away bags -- keeps the floss safe from little paws. lol! Mia is actually very good. She learned early on not to play with mommy's floss. :D Love your mom's blog!

  2. I must have the greatest cat in the world :) For some reason ho knows not to mess with my stitching stuff. I keep my current project on the arm of our sofa and when I come home from work it's still there untouched... he sleeps next to it, like he's protecting it :) Normally when I watch tv he sleeps on my lap, but when I'm stitching he's at my feet or next to me. I guess he knows I would be very upset if he would touch my projects... just the beads... they sometimes get his attention, but so far no harm done :)