Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Paradise Lost Update and Market Must Haves

Well, I was able to get some stitching time in and it was so much fun working on the bird and flowers to the right of the big tree that I'm stuck on in the middle of.  Here's another wrinkly picture of my progress.  Next will be to finish that tree and then onto the middle of the sampler.

I'd love to predict when I will finish this sampler but with the Nashville Market coming and so many wonderful things to be released I have a feeling that I may set this aside for a bit to start on something new.  I am especially excited to start stitching Mary Roe 1808 by The Scarlett House.  A couple years ago I stitched Olga by Plum Street Samplers and have been trying to resist Boris and Sergi ever since.  And now Paulette comes out with Maxim and Zoya so now I think I have at least three Plum Street Samplers charts to add to my stitching list!  And of course, I'm curious to try stitching in wool to work on Jane Pattison by Shakespeare's Peddler.  I'm sure that will be just the tip of the iceberg once the market reports start coming out.  What's on your must stitch list from the market sneak peeks that we've seen so far??

Speaking of stitching lists... I may have mentioned that I was doing some organizing of my stash.  I used to have an inventory of charts and fibers and what linens I had to stitch them on well when I moved 4 years ago but then things went into storage well my inventory got horribly out of date.  So, I've spent some precious stitching time over the past few weeks organizing and cataloging my stuff so I have an updated list again and won't let that happen again! 

Well, I went to IKEA and purchased some pink baskets to hold my newly organized stash and while I was sorting and updating my list, my cat decided that he wanted to help too.  What I find especially humorous about this picture is that my Halloween kitty jumped into the wrong bin, he's sorted with the Christmas stash, not Halloween!  I guess I needed to switch the labels!  These baskets will eventually go into Expedit shelving which will go into a closet, I just need to go back and buy the shelves now that I'm ready to load it up! 


  1. I know, can't wait for the market releases!!!! Love PL and funny kitty, my girls would do that. They love the laundry baskets, LOL.

  2. Love the pink baskets, especially the one with the kitty! Your PL looks wonderful.
    I can't wait for the Market releases either. I want to stitch Jane Pattison in wool too. Maxim & Zoya along with PSS - Brother's Keeper is already on my list. Samplers Remebered - Sarah Gentle 1821 and probably anything by Blackbird Designs.

  3. lol about your cat! Well, he must think he's a Christmas kitty, that's all! :D love the baskets! And your PL is looking great too! I'm hoping I won't be too naughty at market this year. Have already made a start and I'm hoping the start will be all, but I do need to collect all of Paulette's Russian charts. I only have one. :(

  4. Wow, you're making great progress on Paradise Lost! You are going to be so organized!! I love IKEA!

  5. I like this storage system, Jen. I might have to do some looking around my house for where these might fit and invest in them myself. They are much cheaper than my "wish list" item that's a few years away due to cost!!! Thanks for showing them!