Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Forget-Me-Knot Sampler Progress

My progress on the Forget-me-Knot sampler is really coming along.  I took Monday off and got some time to stitch and I just can't put this down!  Still not a lot of time for stitching but in the evenings the dogs get some downtime with a bone and I've been able to pick up my needle and thread and stitch a tiny bit during those times which is a nice return to what is normal for me.

How fitting that on this day of remembering the worst terrorist act in our country's history to be working on a sampler that reminds us to remember the stitcher.  What an awful day that was and like many I'll never forget where I was when I heard, calling my sister to tell her to turn on the TV and watching the images that night when I came home from work.  Let's not forget those who died that day and in the war that followed. 

I was able to get all my old blog posts from my typepad blog moved over here so that one will be coming down soon.  Be sure to follow this blog instead, thanks for reading!!

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  1. Very pretty!!!!! Glad things are settling down for you a bit.