Tuesday, May 27, 2014


There is something about the eyes of a Border Collie, when they let you in you can see their soul.  Jett is 13 months now and I'm starting to see glimpses of that wise look more and more where he stares into my eyes and we connect in the moment.  And then the next moment he is back to puppy running around screaming with the toy box on his head, making the teeter bang or some other such shenanigans.  But, it's there, and I am nurturing and enjoying it every chance I get.  Joe Sarr Jr. took this great shot and captured one of these moments perfectly, Joe Sr. and his wife Lisa have one of Jett's brothers.  If you're in the area and want some photos taken I can put you in touch with him.  And, now I must go, I hear the puppy playing with the vacuum cleaner attachment again!  LOL!

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