Thursday, September 20, 2012

September TUSAL

Well, as usual I'm a few days late for my TUSAL post, see below that for a current snap of my jar.  After finishing Ann Sandles I was really unsure what I wanted to start next and then I realized that I had started "By My Hand" back in July too during my girl's weekend away with friends.  I picked that up the other weekend to stitch on during our Sampler Guild meeting and was immediately hooked again.  Here is where I am as of today. 


Just the deer and the words left and of course I think I'm going to personalize the words on this one.  Just need to find my graph paper to chart out what I want to use.  This has really gone quickly and I must say that I'm in love with working with silk again. 

IMG_0759I used to be one of the people who just couldn't justify paying more for silk but it's really because I didn't know what I was missing.  I like the overdyed cotton and of course I stitched my Elizabeth Sheffield all in DMC and love how that turned out.  But, the thickness and feel of silk just can't be beat.  And, the difference is obvious in my TUSAL jar.  If you look close you can see the thicker strands of silk on the top of the jar and right below it the thinner, curly layers of overdyed cotton.  Both have their place in my opinion but for a piece that I just want to love to stitch there's nothing like the feel of silk! 

Even though it's September it's still not too late to play along with the TUSAL game.  Just go to this post to sign up and to get started! 


Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Ann Sandles Finish

I was able to finish Ann Sandles last week.  Here she is, next will be to pick out a frame for her.


Things have been busy at work and outside of work so I'm just getting around to posting again.  I can't say that I loved stitching this piece mostly because of the repetitive border.  But, I do like it and it was a perfect piece for me these last few weeks since I could pick it up or put it down rather easily when I had time to stitch here and there. 

IMG_0700I'm now working my way through a pile of pieces that need framing, most of which I have the frames and just need to find the time to lace up.  I got out a couple of them to add my initials when I finished Ann Sandles and you can see that my little helper thought that they looked like a cozy spot to cuddle up on!