Thursday, January 31, 2013

January Starts and Finishes

Well, I had planned to post some progress pics over the last couple of weeks but just never got around to it.  Part of that is that I've been busy, but then again I'm always busy.  I think most of it is that I'd rather be stitching, playing with the dog, stamping, etc. than updating the blog.  So, forgive me if my posts are a bit hit and miss.  Since I haven't had an update in awhile I have two finishes for the month of January to show you.  After the holidays were over I turned my attention back to Christmas Garden by Blackbird Designs for my first January finish. 

Christmas Garden by BBD

Then, I picked up Frances Pool again by With Thy Needle and Thread.  She was such a fun stitch and I just love those colors!  She was my other January finish.  

Frances Pool by With Thy Needle and Thread

Having finished two samplers, it felt like time to go back to my Ruth Bacheler by the Scarlet Letter, a piece that I started stitching for Nicola's stitch along.  I was able to finish the top row of irish stitch pennants and then got frustrated with her again so set her aside once again.  Here's my progress to date.   

Ruth Bacheler by the Scarlet Letter

When I set Ruth aside again I needed something else to stitch.  I signed up for the Ann Bowers stitch along through the Attic but haven't finished playing with my thread colors for that yet.  So, I started Elizabeth Milner by Shakespeare's Peddler.  This was the piece that you could get in sections last year by ordering from SP.  I ordered in each of the six months and have the completed chart (I hear that Theresa is going to release it this year so if you like it you can buy the chart soon).  The silks I had ordered for this were pretty brown and I didn't want an all brown sampler so I've made some changes based on the photo on the SP site.  Here's my start on Elizabeth, this is actually the first month's chart complete.  Yay! 

Elizabeth Milner by Shakespeare's Peddler

Thanks for dropping by!  Happy stitching!

Saturday, January 12, 2013

January TUSAL

IMG_1071Here's my TUSAL start for January.  Not much to show (yet).  I dumped out my TUSAL jar on the first of the year and decided to use the same jar so I can compare the number of ORT's (old ratty threads) that I rack up each month compared to last year.  Will I actually compare?  Who knows but I wouldn't bet on it. 

Anyone can play along with the TUSAL game, just go to Daffycat's blog to sign up and then save up your ORT's and post a picture on or about the new moon each month.  You also need to post a link onto Daffycat's montly TUSAL post and you can be entered to win.  I signed up last year mostly because I figured I was tossing all those little threads so maybe it would be more fun to save them in a jar and see the pretty results at year's end. 

Before I found the TUSAL challenge and started playing along I used to do this on my own.  Since I tend to be a one at a time stitcher I'd gather up the threads from a project and then at the end of the project I'd empty out my little jar into a plastic baggie.  Somewhere I have that baggie filled with ORT's from when I stitched ATS, hardanger projects and more.  I had intented to put them out for the birds to use to build nests with but then heard that was bad.  I don't know if that's true but I sure don't need a baggie of old ratty threads cluttering up the house.  So, when I come across it again I'll either put them out for spring nest building, stuff something with them or toss them out! 

I've made some more progress on my Christmas Garden since my last post.  Here's my latest progress, all I have left is the the pinks on the last two motifs and all the initials and dates. 

It's been such a fun sampler to stitch!  I'm really enjoying the stitching and also using these silks!  The conversion I came up with is a combination of Belle Soie and Gloriana and I'm really happy with it on this light colored linen!  And, more reds/pinks for a potential red wall, especially since I stitched it with the alphabet so it could be hung year round.  Yay!! 

I thought I'd also leave you with a quick snap of my progress on Frances Pool. 

This is where I was on Frances when I last set her down, I missed a stitch somewhere in the border but was able to compensate so nobody will be the wiser.  I am loving the colors in this sampler, they are just so soft and I love the motifs in this sampler, I think the one motif I have done would be so fun as a pincushon.  It was really hard to set it aside to go back to Christmas Garden but this is what is waiting for me a few days from now when I am able to finish CG.  Talk about a fun carrot to look forward to!!

Thanks for dropping by to visit my blog! 

Thursday, January 10, 2013

Scarlet Letter Year Update

IMG_0671I posted my first entry on the Scarlet Letter Year challenge this week for my start on Ruth Bacheler.  You can view my post by clicking here.  While you're there you should follow the blog, it's going to be fun to see everyone's progress throughout the year!  I'm also including a shot here from my Instagram page that shows my floss toss.  Although, I "Instagramed" it to age it a bit.  I have all the DMC pulled as charted and love the way it looks on the 40 ct. Buttercream linen but I may play with that bright blue to tone it down just a teeny bit before I commit to that.  I started this to make sure it worked on 40 count and then promptly set it aside in favor of other projects that are closer to completion.  I'll be back to Ruth soon I hope! 

I also noticed that Nicola is giving away her chart for the Blue Ribbon Sampler that she recently finished.  I entered to win the chart and you can too just by going to this link, leaving a comment and posting the link to your own blog.  Good luck to everyone but I still hope I win.  :) 

I'm really getting close to finishing my Christmas Garden, here are a couple of snaps from two nights ago.  I've been busy this week with not much time to stitch but I am hoping to finish this piece over the weekend and get back to Frances Pool and Ruth Bacheler! 

That's all for today, I'll be back shortly with my first TUSAL update of the new year and hopefully a finish shortly after that!!  Thanks for dropping by!

I am thankful for remote controls.