Sunday, June 3, 2007

The Panama Canal

Panama2 For those of you who have been reading along about my adventures at sea with Stampin' Up! here is what you've been waiting for, some photos from actually going through the Panama Canal.  We were lucky because there was a cruise ship in front of us and another behind us.  So, we got up very, very early in the morning and went up to the front of the ship to watch the boat in front of us go through the locks.  Notice in this photo how there is a road that extends across the waterway when the locks are closed!

We stayed there until we started to enter the canal and then went back to the back of the ship.  One of my friends and sidelines, Laura earned the cruise very early in the year and as such had a large cabin on the back of the ship.  So, we had mimosas with room service and sat on the back deck while we went through the locks and also got to watch the ship behind us go through. 

Panama3Here is one of the "mules" that are used to help pull ships through the locks.  It was neat that these small cars could pull our large cruise ship through the locks!  It was really fun but really hot!  Even before 9 AM it was sweltering sitting in the sun like that and Carrie and I wondered how we'd make it through the day venturing through the Panama jungle, but more on that tomorrow! 


  1. Awesome pictures, Jen! I knew those locks were narrow, but seeing pictures really makes that point hit home! And thanks for pointing out the road -- I think I would have missed it otherwise. So cool! And what a great persective ont he size of the cruise ships.

  2. Wow, that is so cool! I had no idea what the Panama Canal looks like. What an awesome experience!!