Sunday, June 3, 2007

The Panama Jungle!

Panama4Once we entered Gatun lake after passing through the locks of the Panama Canal Carrie and I got off the ship and got on a bus headed to the heart of the Panama Jungle.  This is a picture of the two of us with our tour guide for the day.  The comedian on the ship that night joked that the tour stickers we wore were targets but unfortunately that was his only funny joke of the night. 

We rode the bus for about an hour (which was a great time for a nap after getting up so early) and then arrived at the jungle.  We stopped at a resort there and then went to the aerial tram.  The tram was neat but we were there in the heat of the day so didn't see that much wildlife.  But we did hear some Toucans.  The tram took us to the top of a hill where we climbed an observation tower.  While climbing we saw and itty bitty snake which we all very carefully sidestepped!!! 

Panama6 Sleeping in the timbers of the tour roof was an animal called an Olingo, which is a member of the raccoon family.  He was pretty sound asleep but as we were leaving he shifted positions to have his front paws hanging over the beam he was sleeping on, one on each side (just like my cat). 

Panama5Being at the top of the tower we could see  a long distance looking over the canopy of the jungle.  It was neat to think about all the wildlife hiding below!  After leaving the tower and aerial tram we boarded the bus again and headed back to the coast.  It turned out that the ship was late coming in to pick us up so we did some shopping in the market on the pier.  I found a great stitched item, similar to a quilt square, in bright colors made by the local people.  It was a great souvenier and I plan on making it into a pillow for my office to always remember the trip!   

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