Friday, February 29, 2008

Great Rub-On Card and More!

Friend_rubon_card "...dogs and cats living together, mass hysteria!"  That is part of one of my favorite lines from the classic movie Ghostbusters.  And, right now it's true!  Several people have emailed me recently to find out how things are going here in Colorado and I have to say that I absolutely love it here!  Aside from the dryness and needing to drink a ton more water, the weather is warm and sunny and the view is spectacular! 

I'm staying with my sister for the time being until I find a place here and that's where the above quote comes in.  My cats and her dog, so far everyone is afraid of each other, it's kind of funny actually.  Cats are naturally curious so they're checking out the dog who growls at them but we think he's a little afraid of them too.  I'm really hoping to get some cute pictures of them together at some point so I can scrap their introduction to each other.  So far though everyone is behaving well and just avoiding each other. 

To keep this somewhat stamping related, check out this great card that my friend Kim gave me at my going away party.  Isn't awesome!?!  I think I carried it around most of the night and showed it to everyone at the party!  It's super easy, and is just made using the Sale-A-Bration rub-ons, Flower Fusion and colored brads on a cardstock base.  Super easy and classy!  Thanks Kim for the awesome card!!

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