Thursday, April 26, 2012

Done with Over One!

IMG_0369Yay!!  I finished the over one verse on Mary Roe!  I love how Miss Mary has a backward "s" toward the end of the verse and I just love the way this looks now that all the lettering is done!  While it may not look like I made a lot of progress, this is huge for me because now I can move on to the flower band and all the fun motifs below that.  I may start by stitching the strawberries in the border next though.  I am getting together to stitch with some friends this weekend and the berries in the border will be easy to do while carring on a conversation since it's the same berry all the way around the vine. 

I had hoped to have a finish on Spring Song to show by now but I did basically no stitching during the first part of the week so it's not quite done.  I absolutely love this piece, it keeps pulling me back to it when I sit down to work on Mary Roe.  I guess that's why I usually stitch on one at a time because there's usually one piece that just speaks to me.   I'm stitching this on 30 count R&R Sheep's Straw as charted and it is simply beautiful even if my camera does seem to wash it out a bit.  I really want to finish this so I can start the main sampler in the booklet, Mary Ann Blackburn.  I will be stitching her on 35 count though. 

I came home tonight to find some special packages waiting for me.  What could this be?  Stay tuned to find out...



  1. I know...I know! Pick me, I know, lol.
    Glad you got the dreaded over one done, now the fun begins :)

  2. You're so good to get that over one done with first. I saved that part for last! lol! Love the BBD WIP too. I bet I know what's in the long rectangular package. I'm still thinking about that one, if it's what I think it is. :D

  3. Yea, glad the over one is done!!!! Cute BBD piece too, can't wait to see it tomorrow and I want to know what is in those packages :-).

  4. You're such a tease... I can't wait to find out what's in the packages.
    Congrats on getting the over one verse behind you... the rest of the sampler will go fast.
    Love your BBD WIP.

  5. Beautiful stitching, Jen! Looking forward to seeing what's in the packages!!

  6. I love Mary Roe but the over one is a deterrent. I may purchase it anyway to have in my stash and can't figure out why I do that! Spring Song is adorable.