Sunday, April 8, 2012

There's Something About Mary

Mary Little that is!  After over six months of searching since seeing the completed Mary Little on Siobhan's blog, I finally found the pattern and have started stitching her!  Here's my start on her, not much to see yet but she should stitch up quickly! IMG_0345
IMG_1014But, before I could start, I needed to do some stash diving to find threads and linen.  What started as a stash dive quickly turned into an hour and a half of stash organizing!  You see, I wanted to stitch Mary with overdyed cotton threads and hand dyed 40 count linen.  I pulled the DMC it called for but then started looking through my big bag of sampler threads.  It's impossible to find anything in that bag, let alone a specific color.  I purchased some large 5" binder rings so decided that the sampler threads needed to be organized before I could get to stitching.  Here's the floss before, just dumped out of the bag.  

And, of course I had help in sorting, my little floss thief kitty decided to supervise.  Here she is checking out the pile of floss, just waiting for her opportunity.  Sorry for the poor quality of photos in this post, I was using my ancient iPhone (which I joke with some family friends still runs iOS1).  I'm waiting patiently for the iPhone 5 to be released and then it's upgrade city!IMG_1016
Here she is admiring the neatly arranged piles of floss
And then here she is stealing the pile of "S" for her own fun!IMG_1023

Here is miss Sage wondering when this nonsense will end so we can puh-lease go do something fun outside...


And finally, the organized floss neatly on a ring, colors for Mary Little picked:IMG_1024

We'll see who gets the last laugh...


I also started Mary Roe by the Scarlett House the other weekend.  I didn't do anything but stitch the border vine but boy was I happy when it matched up when I got to the last corner.  Here's a photo of my start, I'm sure you'll be seeing more of Miss Mary Roe in the near future, she's going to be a fun stitch!   She is sideways in this photo and I guess I'm too lazy to edit to make the photo go the right way! IMG_0335

I also want to start Mary Ann Blackburn by Blackbird designs, so see there really is something about Mary!


  1. I think you should call this post "Mary Mary quite contrary!! Love little Miss Pries playing Inthe floss.

  2. There really are some great Mary pieces, aren't there? :D You have some great ones here! lol about kitty helping with the floss. Who could resist? Poor Sage -- I think Sage can resist. lol!

  3. Funny kitty and Sage just looks bored ;-). Good start on Mary Roe too!!!!