Friday, August 10, 2012

A New Technique

IMG_0555I don't have a ton to show you today, but I did start to learn a new technique at Wednesday's EGA meeting.  One of our members is very proficient at Temari and she is teaching us how to make them at our August and September meetings.  This month we learned how to make the mari, or the ball itself starting from rice hulls.  I have a bit more wrapping to do on mine but am starting to make progress.  How I will finish this with a dog and two cats who shed is beyond me! 

An interesting piece of information, I've often heard of these referred to a Temari Balls.  But, the word Temari means hand ball so if you say Temari Ball you're really saying "hand ball ball".  Now I'll know better!  It's been a fun technique so far and I can't wait to do the wrapping with bright colors! 

I also received a couple fun packages this week, one of them contained the following three items. IMG_0546
Stay tuned to see what these contain, you can kind of tell through the tissue paper if you look closely!  Thanks for stopping by for a visit!

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