Wednesday, December 12, 2012

December TUSAL

IMG_1020Here's my TUSAL update for December.  This is a top view of my TUSAL jar with ORT's from all year.  You can tell that I'm stitching with silk because the ORT's are straight.  When I use cotton those bits of threads tend to be curly.  Just something interesting that I've noticed by doing this challenge this year. 

You can read more about the TUSAL challenge on Daffycat's blog here.  You can join in at anytime and I'm hopeful that she'll host another TUSAL challenge for next year!

This darling pincushion shown in the photo with my TUSAL jar is a gift from my good friend Katrina.  Earlier this year, I stitched several Mary Little pincushions, one of them was for Katrina and at our sampler guild meeting last weekend she brought me this sweet sampler pincushion for my basket!  I love it, thank you so much Katrina!  This makes me want to get out a couple little pincushion projects that I have kitted up and stitch my brains out during my Christmas break from work! 

I've been plugging away at the border of Christmas Garden over the last couple of days and here's where I'm at with it, over half way done with the strawberries.  Yay! 

Christmas Garden by Blackbird Designs

And, here's a close up of my Christmas Garden with my Sexy Black Dovo Scissors for scale.  I originally bought a conversion to silk that used this linen, the linen was in a bag that said 36 ct. Vintage Navy Bean but this is so tiny that it must be 40 count.  And, the silk conversion was all to shades of brown so I changed the whole thing to be pretty bright colors more in keeping with the original colors of the sampler.  That will teach me not to buy a conversion to silk sight unseen!!  IMG_1017
IMG_1022Lastly, here's a close up of the pincushion, I just had to show it to you again.  Isn't it sweet?  I just absolutely love it! 


  1. Lucky Katrina... love the pincushion you've stitched for her. Your Christmas Garden looks great!

  2. Love the pincushion Katrina stitched for you! Love it! Great going on the Christmas Garden too!

  3. Wow, your Christmas garden is coming along nicely! Love the pincushion that Katrina gave for you, too. Maybe you should do a whole year of pincushions? One for each month???

  4. Oh Jane, what a good idea!!!!! You are a bad influence, LOL. I am so glad you like the pincushion I stitched for you :-)!!!!!!! Love your Christmas Garden too.

  5. Mom, I'll do a year of pincushions if you do the challenge with me!!! :-). Thanks everyone for your comments!!

  6. What a sweet gift from Katrina, Jen! Love the progress on your Christmas Garden, too.