Thursday, January 31, 2013

January Starts and Finishes

Well, I had planned to post some progress pics over the last couple of weeks but just never got around to it.  Part of that is that I've been busy, but then again I'm always busy.  I think most of it is that I'd rather be stitching, playing with the dog, stamping, etc. than updating the blog.  So, forgive me if my posts are a bit hit and miss.  Since I haven't had an update in awhile I have two finishes for the month of January to show you.  After the holidays were over I turned my attention back to Christmas Garden by Blackbird Designs for my first January finish. 

Christmas Garden by BBD

Then, I picked up Frances Pool again by With Thy Needle and Thread.  She was such a fun stitch and I just love those colors!  She was my other January finish.  

Frances Pool by With Thy Needle and Thread

Having finished two samplers, it felt like time to go back to my Ruth Bacheler by the Scarlet Letter, a piece that I started stitching for Nicola's stitch along.  I was able to finish the top row of irish stitch pennants and then got frustrated with her again so set her aside once again.  Here's my progress to date.   

Ruth Bacheler by the Scarlet Letter

When I set Ruth aside again I needed something else to stitch.  I signed up for the Ann Bowers stitch along through the Attic but haven't finished playing with my thread colors for that yet.  So, I started Elizabeth Milner by Shakespeare's Peddler.  This was the piece that you could get in sections last year by ordering from SP.  I ordered in each of the six months and have the completed chart (I hear that Theresa is going to release it this year so if you like it you can buy the chart soon).  The silks I had ordered for this were pretty brown and I didn't want an all brown sampler so I've made some changes based on the photo on the SP site.  Here's my start on Elizabeth, this is actually the first month's chart complete.  Yay! 

Elizabeth Milner by Shakespeare's Peddler

Thanks for dropping by!  Happy stitching!


  1. Love the GGW on Christmas Garden!!! Frances Pool is gorgeous as is Ruth, sorry she's being such a stinker! Jean and Marsha were here last week and commented on how much you get done!

  2. Wow, beautiful finishes! And I love your WIPs as well.

  3. Congrats on your beautiful finishes and the start of your new projects.

  4. Congratulations on the finishes! They're fantastic! You go girl! I like your new projects, too. My theory on blogging is to enjoy life and blog when you want. It should be fun, so do it when the mood strikes. We'll be here when you do. ;)

  5. Pretty finishes, Jen! The samplers look so nice together, too. Love your new starts, too. Ruth has such great colors in it. Can't wait to see your color changes on Elizabeth M.
    I second Siobhan on her blogging theory!!

  6. Both of your finishes are so beautiful! I really love that Frances Poole! And your Ruth Bachelor makes me want to start that one. Sorry you're so frustrated with it. I hope the going gets easier. Pretty new start on Elizabeth.

  7. Great finishes for January! Lovely upcoming WIPs, too!

  8. Jen, I love your Christmas Garden! Wow, you were flying with those needles in January. Isn't it amazing how much you completed? It is great to stitch in the winter when we are spending more time indoors - especially in the Midwest.
    Love to read about your progress and your determination to "finish" these great samplers. pj

  9. Gorgeous finishes! You are such a fast stitcher! Send some of that speed to my fingers ;-)

  10. Beautiful job with Blackbird's Christmas Garden! I have that kitted up in my stash and can't wait to start it (along with the Anniversaries of the Heart series!)
    Love your stitching and happy I happened to find your blog while searching for photos of Elizabeth Sheffield's sampler from The Scarlet Letter. You do beautiful work. Looking forward to exploring your blog in greater depth. I'm also participating in Nicola's Scarlet Letter Year with Elizabeth Simon and Cornelia VanDerveer. Off to search for Ruth Bacheler now - the top border is gorgeous so far. My blog is new and can be found at Have a great day!