Thursday, January 10, 2013

Scarlet Letter Year Update

IMG_0671I posted my first entry on the Scarlet Letter Year challenge this week for my start on Ruth Bacheler.  You can view my post by clicking here.  While you're there you should follow the blog, it's going to be fun to see everyone's progress throughout the year!  I'm also including a shot here from my Instagram page that shows my floss toss.  Although, I "Instagramed" it to age it a bit.  I have all the DMC pulled as charted and love the way it looks on the 40 ct. Buttercream linen but I may play with that bright blue to tone it down just a teeny bit before I commit to that.  I started this to make sure it worked on 40 count and then promptly set it aside in favor of other projects that are closer to completion.  I'll be back to Ruth soon I hope! 

I also noticed that Nicola is giving away her chart for the Blue Ribbon Sampler that she recently finished.  I entered to win the chart and you can too just by going to this link, leaving a comment and posting the link to your own blog.  Good luck to everyone but I still hope I win.  :) 

I'm really getting close to finishing my Christmas Garden, here are a couple of snaps from two nights ago.  I've been busy this week with not much time to stitch but I am hoping to finish this piece over the weekend and get back to Frances Pool and Ruth Bacheler! 

That's all for today, I'll be back shortly with my first TUSAL update of the new year and hopefully a finish shortly after that!!  Thanks for dropping by!

I am thankful for remote controls. 


  1. Christmas Garden is beautiful! So exciting about Ruth Bacheler too! There are way too many pieces I want to stitch from SL.

  2. Christmas Garden is looking great, Jen! You're going to be happy dancing in no time. :) I L-O-V-E the supplies pic for Ruth. I am trying hard to resist it!

  3. It is looking beautiful!