Saturday, December 9, 2006

Founders Circle Day 3

Img_3706Day three of my Founder's Circle retreat was a free day.  So, a large group of us boarded two jeeps and took a tour of the Utah wilderness!  We drove up Goosebury mesa and the views were beautiful no matter which way you looked!  Our tour guide kept pointing out various plant species including Choke Cherry trees (that choke out other vegetation), "killer" mistletoe (that kills the trees it grows on) and something called a Prince's Plume that was also dangerous.  By the end of the jeep tour I came to the conclusion that Utah is a very dangerous place to live!!! 

Here is a picture of my upline, Glenda and I standing at the edge of Goosebury Mesa (but not too close to the edge).  And, no, that's not a bug on my shirt, it's a sticky piece of a plant that I thought looked funny as a broach (think burrs here in the Midwest).  Img_3738

Once our tour was done, we sped back down the mesa and back to town.  I tried to get some pictures of the local, dangerous vegetation but Glenda and I determined that killer mistletoe and choke cherries only grow in places where you go speeding by!

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