Saturday, December 9, 2006

Founders Circle Farewell Dinner

Img_3786After our jeep tour there was some time to relax and enjoy the scenery around Zion.  Then, we boarded the busses again and left for a secret destination for a farewell dinner.  But, on the way our bus was held up by two cowboys!  We got off the bus and were herded onto their hay wagon and taken to a Ghost Town for dinner!  What fun!  I didn't ride the hay wagon though, I was able to get back in the saddle and ride a horse to dinner!   

Once we reached the ghost town we were treated to the sounds of a western band and a home cooked dinner.  Here I am with two Canadian demonstrators, including Josee Smuck from Canada!  I'm thrilled to be going to Canada in May to speak at her group meeting!  At dinner we received another thank-you gift, a great frame thanking us for everything that we do.  It was a very nice touch and very appreciated! Img_3801

After dinner we had the pleasure of listening to a cowboy poet share his stories with us.  His name is Colen Sweeten and one of his stories called Taps brought tears to my eyes.  It was about an old horse he once owned and it brought back many memories of my horseback riding days.  Here's a photo of Colen, Glenda and I.   

Img_3812After dinner was over and the sky was dark, we boarded the hay wagon again in groups to head back to the busses and back to hotel.  I looked up while on the wagon and in Southern Utah the sky at night is just beautiful!  You can see the milky way in all it's glory and that sight was the perfect ending to a wonderful day! 

The next day we boarded the busses again and went back to Salt Lake City for our trip home.  This Founder's Circle trip was one that I won't soon forget!  I made a bunch of new friends, learned a lot and had a wonderful time!  Thanks for letting me share a little about this amazing trip with you! 

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  1. Hi Jen,
    great pics!! :) I didn't realize you were going to be at Jo's SG Convention.. looking forward to seeing you then!
    Another Canadian FC gal,