Monday, January 8, 2007

Jen's Stamp Room

Img_4147I’m sometimes asked what my stamp room looks like, well, I stamp in my basement.  It’s great because I can be messy down there and nobody cares.  So, I’m using glitter and it’s going everywhere – who cares!  .  Here’s a photo of my main work table with inkpads, ribbon, markers and lots of other accessories just within reach.  I also have lots of samples (including a photo box of favorite cards) here for inspiration! 

There is a four drawer cart to the left of the table which is where I store my punches, crimper, adhesives and other things that would just clutter up my table.  I also have a small box of scraps within an arm's reach.  Scraps are great for figuring out color combinations, experimenting and adding little pieces to your projects!  When I first started stamping I saved everything!  Now, I only save the big scraps and there is another box next to my garbage bin to recycle other scraps, the backs to my SNAIL® refills and other paper and plastic items.  I did have to go buy a clock to hang above the table though because I was staying up way too late stamping and having a hard time getting up in the morning! 

Really, all you need to have a “stamp room” is a table and some storage for your stuff and you’re all set!  I would recommend that you get some cardstock storage to start and then add an inkpad caddy, stampin’ stacks and ribbon storage as you get more supplies. 


  1. that's what the basement work area is like... I wish mine is that organized...

  2. You'll have to check it out the next time you're over for stamp club!