Wednesday, May 16, 2007


Cruise2007_179After stopping at Half Moon Cay, the Stampin' Up! cruise headed to Aruba, "One Happy Island".   On Aruba, Carrie and I hooked up with a friend and fellow rising star Ang Fronek and her husband Ryan for a jeep tour.  This was one thing that Carrie really wanted to do and she wanted to drive!  So, the rest of us were more than happy to oblidge and enjoy the views of the island.  And, it happened to be a yellow jeep, just what she's been dreaming about! 

Img_4791Here we stopped at a large rock formation that you could climb up.  We could see the cruise ships from the top!  There was a bit of a traffic jam climbing down but it was definitely worth the hike! 

Img_4857 On the jeep tour we saw the collapsed natural preserve, lighthouse, gold mine, sunken ship, a pretty church and finally stopped at the beach to wade in the ocean.  It was a great tour! Here is our tour guide checking out Carrie's license, he didn't believe that she was old enough to drive! Img_4841   

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  1. Jen,
    I love all the pictures! I knew you had a great time but it's nice to actually see what you did after hearing about it! Hope I get to join you in Hawaii in 2009!