Sunday, July 1, 2012

Grace Learns Her ABCs

Yay!  I finished the alphabet on Grace Bridges!  Now onto more fun motifs like that awesome red peacock!  I'm loving the colors in this sampler although I'm thinking of playing around with the gold used for the house.  I'd like to keep it bright and the conversion I'm using has a bit more muted gold.  Still pretty but I might make change it to make mine a bit more vibrant. 


I had a helper when I was trying to take this picture.  He's always got to help me if I'm not paying attention to him.  :)

IMG_0483I'm sure you've now heard about all the devastation from the wildfires in Colorado and this week there was a new one visible from my place.  Not to worry, we're not in any danger here from this one and of this writing it's nearly contained.  Here's a photo of how it looked not long after it started.  Actually, when it first started the smoke came directly toward my neighborhood and then the winds shifted and blew it more north which is when I took this picture.  So, we've been smelling a bit like a campfire but that's a small inconvenience compared to the devastation others have experienced this fire season.  Hopefully we'll get some rain soon! 

And, last weekend Sage and I attended Paws In the Park, an event that benefitted the Longmont Humane Society.  It was Hot.  102 or right around there.  But we had fun!  We performed our Flash Mob demo with our ACES class and then lounged in the shade and then did two demos with the Zoom Room team.  Zoom Room is where Sage and I learned agility and really caught the bug.  If you're interested in trying agility this is the place to have fun doing it!  I didn't get a picture of our flash mob demo but here are a few pics of us doing agility, courtesy of Marnie at Zoom Room.  :)  First, here's the team, Sage and I are second from the left and she's wearing something called a cool coat that really helps keep her comfortable in the heat! 

Paws in the Park09
Next up, my favorite action shot of the day!  She really ran fast on that grass!

Paws in the Park07
And lastly, Sage and I have a lot of fun together, can you tell?

Paws in the Park08



  1. Love how Grace is looking! Love the pics of you and Sage having fun too. I hope those fires are conquered at last and you all get somer rain.

  2. Grace is so pretty!!!! I want to see it in person :-)!!!! Fun pictures of you and Sage too.