Sunday, March 9, 2008

I Love Rub-Ons!

Collection If you haven't already placed an order during Sale-A-Bration, there is one reason that you should... Rub-Ons!! 

I love these little things!  Here is a photo showing a bunch of things that my sister and I made last weekend using Rub-Ons when we were just playing around with our stamping stuff.  Stay tuned over the next couple days for close up photos and more information about each item.  Well, that is except for the clipboard since you've seen that one here before. 

In other news, I am just in love with Colorado.  Every day the weather forecast is "Sunny" and it is!  Anytime I've wondered to myself what I'm doing here when many of my friends are back in Chicago I just look West and see the beautiful mountains and I remember!  I also just registered to walk with my sister in the Furry Scurry in May.  We're walking to raise money and awareness for animals in need of homes.  Her dog will be joining us on the walk and we're looking forward to a fun morning doing something to give back!   

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