Saturday, March 22, 2008

I've Been Tagged!

So, I've been tagged in a game of Blogger tag by my friend Josee in Canada!  Here's a link to her blog in case you'd like to check it out:

Part of Blogger tag is to list 7 random facts about yourself so here goes:

  1. I am a major cheesehead and am sad that Brett Favre is leaving the game of football - thanks for many great years Brett!!

  2. In elementary school I had the nickname Greenbean for this green one piece outfit that I wore to a party once.  Let me tell you, I was one fashionable chick!

  3. I am a Stampin' Up Demonstrator (which you  know if you visit my site regularly) and will be going on my second cruise with SU! in a week!  WOO HOO!!!

  4. Exactly one month ago I moved to Colorado!  I've thought about this move for several years and just finally decided to go for it! 

  5. I hope to someday, maybe summer of 2009 climb Long's Peak here Colorado.  I'd love to climb a substantial mountain, and it's one of Colorado's "fourteeners"!  Right now I'm still getting used to the altitude though! 

  6. I love animals and it's been great taking my sister's dog for walks several times a week - so much more fun than walking by yourself.

  7. And, last but not least, I love my downline - they are an awesome group of talented, creative and amazing women!  We have so much fun when we get together and I'm looking forward to seeing a lot of them again for Convention this summer! 

Next, you tag other bloggers, so here you go girls... TAG, YOU'RE IT...

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