Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Flower Folds Fabric Pin Tutorial

I finally learned how to make these adorable fabric flower pins using the Big Shot Flower Folds Fabric Pin.  They are so easy so here's a step by step tutorial of how to make them.  Before you begin you'll need a few supplies.  

Supplies:  Big Shot (113439), Extended Cutting Pads (113478), Flower Folds Die (115970), a Scrap of cardstock approximately 6x10, pins and something to finish the front (I love the big buttons in the Occasions mini 122301 or 122302 tied with a piece of 1/8" Taffeta from page 191 of the Idea Book and Catalog).  

To make the pin, cut your fabric into strips that are 6" wide.  This die has fold lines so I recommend only cutting 2 or 3 layers of fabric.  Stack an extended cutting pad, the scrap piece of cardstock, the flower folds die, fabric and then the other extended cutting pad to make your big shot sandwich.  Run the sandwich through the big shot and the result should look something like this:  


Remove the flowers and choose which flowers you would like your pin to be made of.  I typically use the three smaller sizes but love layering all four layers for headbands, bags, etc.  

Fold the flowers in half so you see four petals (don't fold so that you see any half petals).  The result will look like this:


You need four of these half flowers for each size of flower:

Start layering the flowers on top of each other:

Then add a third flower:

To add the forth flower, you will need to fold up the exposed part of the first flower, lay down the fabric for the fourth flower and then fold the fabric back down from the first flower:

Once you have this done, repeat the above steps for the other layers you want to use in your pin.  

Stack all the layers on top of each other and stitch through them with a Chenille needle and thread.  I stitched two "X's" through the layers and made sure I caught each piece of fabric so the pin will hold together.  

Then, just add the button embellishment and a pin back (or attach to whatever you want it to attach to).  Come back tomorrow to see the finished product!! 

Thanks for reading, please email me or comment if you have any questions! 

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