Tuesday, February 22, 2011

My Hometown


And, as promised here is a finished My Hometown!  I stitched this on 36 count Everglade linen using DMC threads.  I started this sampler during last year's Olympics and finished it during the first week of January, but still dated it 2010 since it was pretty much my project for 2010. 

As I like to do, I did some personalization to this sampler to make it mine.  The changes were minor, obviously I changed the name to where I consider home, the chart was for "Manchester" and Madison took up much less space so I just added some of the birds since there wasn't enough room for another swirl, and frankly I didn't want to do any more backstitching!  I also changed the three kitties (in front of the red schoolhouse) and the two horses up at the top to look like my present and past pets.  I considered subsituting a dog for the bird in the lower left hand corner but never decided on a design so I just left it. 

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