Saturday, December 10, 2011

Finished Smalls

After finishing a few larger pieces I stitched a couple smalls.  Here are some photos to share:

The first is "Pray for Peace" by Birds of a Feather.  I started this on 9/11 as a way to remember those whos lives were tragically lost 10 years ago:


The next piece is a scissor fob by Ewe and Eye and Friends, I stitched this just because I've had it FOREVER and needed a little project to stitch:


Lastly, is a project that was handed out at a retreat at Fanci Mats and More, a local shop in the Denver area that I went to.  It was all kitted up and a very quick stitch, it is called Boo-Yah by Cherry Wood Design Studios:


 Of course, all of these projects need to be finished, I plan to make the pink piece into a scissor fob and the other two will become pincushions (in all my free time)...

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