Monday, December 26, 2011

Sarah Holmes Buck

IMG_3393This is an antique sampler that I purchased several years and I finally finished reframing it!  It's finished in the same manner as the Immigrant Sampler and I kind of used it as practice for framing that piece. 

You can see from the piece that it has a dark stain near the top and is faded, some spots more than others.  Also, the sampler isn't dated so it wasn't worth much but I liked it so added it to my collection of exactly 1 antique sampler.   :)

It's also curious that the last band is a different color, so either the personalization was added later, stitched in a different fiber or were sitting so it didn't fade as much as the rest. 

When this sampler arrived it was glued into the frame that it came in.  I removed it from the frame and carefully removed as much of the glue from the linen as I could.  I then found this teal fabric to back it on but before I did I sewed a piece of muslin to the back of the sampler to help stabilize it and to prevent the blue from showing through too much.  I think it turned out well and looks nice hanging in my living room with a bunch of other blue samplers. 

Sarah used cross stitch, eyelet stitch, rhodes crosses, cross stitch over one, rice stitch, queen stitch and satin stitch in her sampler.  I've though about charting her just to see how that would go but haven't gotten around to it yet.  I'd rather stitch or stamp!  LOL! 

Here's a close up of her frame, also purchased from Lynn's of Madison: IMG_3394


  1. Sarah looks fabulous in her new frame.

  2. Gorgeous sampler!!!! Love alphabets and the new frame is perfect :-).