Thursday, November 1, 2012

A Long Overdue Update!

The last two posts I've made have been my monthly TUSAL updates, so all you've seen from me in awhile is all the ORT's that I've generated but not what I've been stitching on to generate those ORT's.  So, here's an update of all the stitching that I've been up to! 

First off, I finished By My Hand by Barrick Samplers.  I personalized it a bit and now it's off at the framer's who has a stunning frame picked out for it.  I can't wait to show you! 


Next up was Margaret Cottam.  She was a really fun stitch and perfect for fall with those rich jewel toned colors.  I must admit, I didn't have any plans to stitch her but then I saw one stitched up in person and fell in love.  I took progress pics along the way, so here is Margaret Cottam. 

MC Start




Margaret Cottam was stitched on 35 ct. WDW Cocoa with the called for threads.  All I did was pick a tighter weave so she'd be a little smaller (and so I'd only have to use one thread to stitch with).  I was back in Wisconsin last weekend and picked out a fabulous frame for her at Lynn's of Madison. 

I've obviously been stitching a bunch and just too busy to post.  One of the reasons I've been so busy lately is that Sage and I are in the process of becoming a certified pet therapy team at one of the local hospitals.  We spent three weeks in class and are now doing paperwork and tests to finish our certification.  Here we are graduating from the program!  Next we will get certified through TD, Inc as a team and I will complete the volunteer training at the hospital and then we'll start visiting patients.  I'm looking forward to having my rescue dog help others in need! 



  1. That is so amazing you are going to do that work with Sage at the hospital!!!
    Love, love your finishes!!

  2. Love both works but Margaret is really tempting me! Fabulous sampler and I love your personalization in the corner. How fulfilling to work with Sage and comfort those needing help. Hope you reap many rewards.

  3. Gorgeous stitching!!!!! And so great that Sage will be a hospital visitor :-). She's such a sweetie, everyone will love her!!!!!

  4. Gorgeous samplers! Your stitching is wonderful!
    Congrats on the upcoming certification!

  5. That is so cool that you and Sage are going to do that! It is such a worth while and loving thing to do. I wish you the best and want to hear how things are going once you get started!
    I love your By My Hand, but I'm surprised there are no dogs or kitties stitched in there! Margaret Cottam turned out beautifully - I'd love to see it in person someday. I know it's much prettier in person than in the picture.

  6. Oh, Jen. Sometimes I wish blogs had a "thumbs up"! This was such a nice post. Have a wonderful Christmas!