Sunday, November 4, 2012

JM Gardner Start

IMG_0891Due to a friend who emailed me practially the moment that the JM Gardner chart was available, I got swept up in the frenzy and I have now started this charming and adorable little sampler! 

I had been thinking about starting BBD Christmas Garden next but figured that this little gem won't take very long.  This is my progress after just a few days with needle in hand. 

When I was home the other weekend a friend asked me if I was tending to stitch the border first now.  I hadn't really thought about it except that I have done every sampler with a border this way since stitching Mary Roe this spring.  I guess I just like knowing that the border will match (or where I'd have to fudge in the case of Ann Sandles).  Plus the border is boring and then I have all the fun stuff left!  So, I guess I am starting with borders and then doing the rest now but I don't know that I'm always going to stitch this way! 

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