Tuesday, November 27, 2012

A Thanksgiving Start

IMG_0961Here is my new start for Thanksgiving, this is Christmas Garden by Blackbird Designs.  I didn't used to be someone that needed to mark an occasion with a new start but I was ready for a new project so saved it for Thanksgiving day. 

I'm stitching this with silks on 36 ct. Vintage Navy Bean linen by Lakeside linens.  I originally purchased this as a silk conversion but changed three of the four colors to suit my tastes so I think I'm calling it my own conversion now.  So, since I was playing with colors and ripped a brown and a gold before settling on this combination I needed to do more than just the border.  I'm happy to have done so too, it's fun to work on the motifs as well as the border. 

I will probably continue like this, working to finish the border but popping in some motifs from time to time too. 

I hope that everyone reading this had a wonderful Thanksgiving!  My parents were in town for a few days over the holiday and we had a really nice visit and holiday weekend!  I just didn't even think about taking a photo of us all together!  Oh well!  Thanks for dropping by, I'll be back with more progress soon! 


  1. It's such a fun stitch!!!!! Love your colors :-).

  2. Nice start, Jen! I love the colors you're using!

  3. I like your color choices!

  4. Congratulations on your beautiful new start :o)