Wednesday, May 23, 2007

More about my trip to Canada!

Josee_vicki_and_jenHere is a photo from the Stampin' Girls Convention that I attended in Canada two weeks ago.  I have a previous post with more information but wanted to share this photo of us!  That's Josee Smuck on the left, the leader of the INKredible Canadian group, Vicki Garrett, the truly talented guest artist is in the middle and I'm on the right.  You'll notice that I got to be an honorary Sparkle Daisy Stamper for the day and love the pin!! 

Josee_dave_and_haileyAlso while in Canada we went to the Tulip Festival which was great fun!  We learned how to write our names in Japanese, saw beautiful downtown Ottawa and spent the lovely day outside.  Here is a photo of my hosts, Josee, Dave and their daughter Hailey.

Tulip_festivalI thought this was a really fun photo too!  After Josee and I wrote our name in Japanese we had a little fun with a photo op! 

Check back soon for more of my stamping adventures from the Panama Canal Cruise!! 

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  1. Hi Jen!!! Well that photo is certainly better than the one that was captured on my camera! It was a pleasure meeting you. Hope you come back to Canada soon!!!!