Thursday, May 24, 2012

Mary Frankenstein and May TUSAL

Mary FrankMeet Mary Frankenstein... OK, not really, I just ran out of white thread and decided to stitch her hair before finishing up her face. When I saw this it occurred to me that she resembled something out of the Munsters.  Forget about that teeny waist or burly arms it's the forehead I'm talking about!

All kidding aside, this has been a pretty quick and very fun stitch!  I actually have Mary finished but just need to find a moment to take a quick final picture and then I just need to find a frame for her.

I have dreams of a bigger sampler wall someday, with lots of pretty samplers framed and hung tightly together on a wall somewhere in my home for me to enjoy.  While I do think I have a fair amount of stitching up on the walls, expanding the wall that contains And They Sinned to include more samplers or starting another wall and filling it to the brim sounds like a lot of work but something that I'd really like to accomplish!  I think I have enough in my stash to do it too, just not enough time!

Speaking of time, I haven't blogged in awhile because I've been so busy with my pup, Miss Sage and doing various spring tasks around the house.  Last weekend Sage and I performed at Ella's walk which is a fundraiser to benefit the Longmont Humane Society.  We take a weekly obedience class there called the ACES class (Animal Continuing Education Superstars) and have been working toward this dance routine for about 6 months.  It took a lot of time to teach the individual behaviors and we've been linking them together ever since.  Poor Sage was a bit spooked by the speakers and the stage but held it together pretty well.  If you want to watch, click on over to my dog blog at

IMG_0402And, before I forget, here is May's TUSAL progress!  You too can join the TUSAL fun, just visit Daffycat's blog here

I love all those brightly colored threads from Mary Roe and my latest start - the BBD Peacock Pinkeep. I needed one or two little things before my next big sampler.  I haven't figured out what that will be so stay tuned! 


  1. LOL!!!! Love Mary, can't wait to see her all finished!!!!!

  2. Enjoyed the video! Looks like you two have done a lot of work. Anxious to see Mary completed.

  3. She does look somewhat like Frankenstein.
    You know that you will get your walls filled eventually. It took me over five years to get my A&E walls pretty much filled. And it will probably take me another two to fill them completely!

  4. Can't wait to see your picture of the finished Mary! I never noticed it before, but she does have some burly arms!
    Sage has such a great heart!