Saturday, May 26, 2012

Sampler Guild Pincushion Exchange

A few weeks back, over Mother's day weekend my parents came into town to visit.  It just so happened that it was Mother's day on Sunday but on Saturday we had a Sampler Guild of the Rockies meeting that included a pincuchsion exchange.  I honestly don't know which I was more excited to share with my Mom!  In a previous post I showed you the wrapped packages that I had all ready to go.  Well, one of them held the pincushion that I gave away at the exchange.  It was Mary Little, her finish photo is above.  I actually stitched her twice because I knew I'd want one for myself.  Now I'm stitching her a third time.  :)

IMG_0403The exchange was so much fun!  We got in a circle and passed the pincushion to the person to our right each time we heard the word Pin or Pincushion during the reading of a brief history of the pincushion.  It was really fun!  After the reading was finished we opened our gifts.  This is what I received and I am absolutely gaga for it!  It is so awesome to have a pincushion stitched on a colored fabric for my small but growing collection!  Thank you Tina for this treasure!  I simply adore it!   

When we got home I put my new treasure with the rest of my collection of smalls which I'm housing in a cute star shaped basket.  Right now since I only have a few the basket is sitting up but my hope is to continue adding to it to where I have to set it down or even get another basket.  :)

IMG_0405Here's a photo of the basket with what I have so far.  My Lady's Trimkeep from Plum Street Samplers doesn't quite fit in the basket without cramming it in so I've got that sitting out in front.  There are also the two pincushions from the SGR exchange, a BBD Designs pincushion that my friend Theresa stitched for me and the SGR Fundraising pincushion designed by The Scarlett House.  I just love this little collection and have plans to start adding to it.  I would love to start Wild Garden for this basket too! 

The other gift that I showed in that previous post is a gift that I put together for my Mom.  She opened it at the meeting and I really enjoyed her reaction!  The little Vera Bradley bag contained some EOS lip balm, a humangear bottle with udderly smooth hand lotion, some needles, a sampler cloth and one more of the Scarlett House pincushions!  It was really fun and I think she really enjoyed it!  I forgot to get a picture of us at the meeting but here's a picture of her gift.  Happy Stitching!



  1. Fun fun! Love what you stitched, what you received, and especially what you gave your mom! Your collection is looking wonderful too!

  2. Love the pincushion you made for the exchange and the one you received. There's lots of room in that star basket so you better get busy stitching more smalls. You have a fabulous start!

  3. What great smalls. I don't remember seeing that Scarlet House design and it is wonderful! And the sampler cloth! Well...everything!

  4. Ravissants tous ces "pincushions", bravo Amitié made in France Brigitte

  5. Too sweet love the pin cushions!!! How did I miss your mom opening a gift :-(???? Fun, fun, fun!!!!!

  6. Your pin cushions are so cute! I especially like the Scarlett House one... love that design.
    happy stitching...

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