Saturday, May 12, 2012

Sampler Guild Gifts

IMG_0390Not too much to see here... yet!  Today is our Sampler Guild of the Rockies anniversary party.  It's an annual event in May but my first since this is my first year as a member.  This year we are doing a pincushion exchange so the package on the left holds my pincushion ready for trade.  If you've been paying attention you know what it is, pictures soon! 

The other package shown is for a very special guest who is attending the meeting with me tomorrow.  I can't wait to give it to her or to watch her enjoy it's contents!  One of the items in here is the second wrapped item that I showed in this post.  More soon! 


  1. Bet you can't wait!! Have fun!

  2. It is me again. Did you get my comment. I need to know the site for hornbook. Thanks

  3. Oh fun!!!! Can't wait to see :-).